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HBR Article: Ten Ways to Get People to Change

Excellent article on HBR in changing people’s behaviors which is key to change management. Read the full article at HBR by clicking the link “Ten Ways to Get People to Change“. A brief summary is below.

1. Embrace the power of one – focus on one behavior to change at a time.

2. Make it sticky – make goals concrete and measurable.

3. Paint a vivid picture – use stories, metaphors, pictures, and physical objects to paint an ugly image of “where we are now” and a better vision of a glorious new state.

4. Activate peer pressure – ask peers to set expectations and put pressure on one another.

5. Mobilize the crowd – get a few early adopters to adopt a behavior, then find and convince the influencers, and then sit back and watch as it goes viral (hopefully).

6. Tweak the situation – re-engineer the situation slightly so that the desired choices are more obvious, come first or are the easier ones to make.

7. Subtract, not just add – change behaviors by removing enablers, triggers and barriers. Managers are so obsessed with what new things to add that they forget the obvious: Subtracting.

8. Dare to link to carrots and sticks (and follow through) – tie incentives to both performance and desired behaviors.

9. Teach and coach well.

10. Hire and fire based on behaviors – get people who embody the desired behaviors and get rid of those that clearly do not.



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