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What should strategic CIOs focus on in 2013?

Forbes-logoJust read an interesting article in Forbes by Bob Evans.

“What should strategic CIOs focus on in 2013?”

“That’s a profoundly important question for businesses operating in a highly volatile global economy in which customers have become far more demanding and fickle than ever before, in which traditional business models are being stressed more than ever before, in which distribution and marketing channels are being scrambled like never before, and in which technology has become inseparable from business processes, customer engagement, and consumption, and much more.”

“As a result, the coming year will see intense CIO involvement in optimizing customer experiences, exploiting analytics, transforming Big Data to Big Opportunities, accelerating all facets of enterprise execution, mainstreaming social capabilities, and enabling co-creation of value with customers.”

Some of the key points are listed below.

    • “Make IT measurably more relevant to your customers.” InformationWeek editor and deep thinker Chris Murphy.

Top 10 Strategic Issues:

1) Simplify IT and Transform Your Spending: Kick the 80/20 Budget Habit.

2) Lead the Social Revolution: Drive the Social-Enabled Enterprise.

3) Unleash Your Company’s Intelligence: Create the Enterprise-Wide Opportunity Chain.

4) Embrace the Engagement Economy: Merge the Back Office and the Front Office into the Customer Office.

5) Future-Proof Your IT Architecture.

6) Upgrade “Cloud Strategy” to “Business Transformation Enabled by the Cloud.”

7) Transform Big Data into Big Insights, Big Vision, and Big Opportunities.

8) Preside over a Shotgun Wedding: Systems of Record Marry Systems of Engagement.

9) Lead with Speed: CIO as Chief Acceleration Officer.

10) Bend the Value Curve: More Innovation, Less Integration.

And the finally the four major threats to CIOs:

  • Threat #1: Lack of Vision.
  • Threat #2: Lack of Leadership.
  • Threat #3: Trying to Resist the Social/Mobile Revolution.
  • Threat #4: Surrendering to the 80/20 budget trap – you must reduce the keep the lights on costs which account for 70-80% of most IT budgets.

See the full article at Forbes: “The Strategic CIO Agenda 2013: Strategies, Priorities, and Career-Killers”.




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