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Strong CIO, C-suite Relationships Drive Growth [CIO Dashboard article]

Excellent article by Chris Curran at CIO Dashboard on the results of PwCs recent study of 1,100 business and technology executives. It highlighted that companies with C-suite executives who consistently collaborate with the CIO are much more likely to outperform the competition. Or put another way, in the top performing companies the CIO had strong relationships with ALL members of the C-suite and they in turn prioritised IT related actions.

The top 3 results are shown below:

  • Business and IT leaders share the same understanding of the corporate strategy and have an explicit process to link IT to that strategy.
  • Aggressively invest in IT capital spending to support strategic corporate initiatives, such as market share growth, product and service development and M&A.
  • Invest more in emerging technologies including social, mobile, analytics & big data and cloud computing, to grow the business.
  • ………

Please read the article at CIO Dashboard for the full list.



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