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Change Management

Why you should care about Organisational Change?

PMWorldI was recently asked to present on Organisational Change Management at the Atlantic Canada Project World / BA World conference. Below is a quick summary of the content and then towards the bottom a pdf of the slides.

(Links to other related articles can be found in the summary below, and a complete list is at the very bottom)

Quick Summary

As the title suggests the presentation starts by making the case for why it is essential for project managers and business analysts to worry about Organisational Change. It then takes a quick look at some of the basics of change management and approaches to successful change, specifically Lewin and Kotter.

The next section explores “Do people resist Change?”, some of the reasons, including a little bit of psychology and some suggestions for dealing with it. The importance of Change Leadership is explored next, in more depth due to its criticality to a change initiative. This is followed by “What’s in a name? Just success or failure!“, something that seems harmless, but its amazing how important the project name can be.

Lastly, the presentation provides a set of useful hints and tips for success with Change Management.

Key Learnings

  1. Make the change Ambitious
  2. Name the project appropriately
  3. Structured and Coherent Change Program
  4. Change Leadership must be strong and constant
  5. Create a sense of Urgency
  6. Ensure the change Resonates with the staff
  7. Involve everyone and define how they benefit from the change (to reduce resistance)
  8. Anchor the change as the new reality

The Presentation

Conference presentation “Why you should care about Organisational Change


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