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Move From IT Leader to BT Leader – Evanta : Leadership Network

Male athletes passing baton in relay raceI have just been reading a very good article by Joe Topinka, CIO of Red Wing Show Company Inc. where he makes the argument that we need a different perspective on IT.

This is not an IT problem or a C-suite leaders problem. It is a problem for the entire company. Unless you change, your company will continue to lag behind its competitors.


Here is a brief extract from it:

It is no longer good enough that IT organizations spend time automating back-office functions and delivering operational efficiencies. IT organizations have to get out of the back office and into the front office. They must begin to think of themselves as a vital and integrated part of the business. The same is true of the C-suite. These executives need to see IT from a different perspective, too. The old days of tolerating IT as a cash-sucking sound and necessary evil won’t cut it in today’s customer-centric marketplace. Both IT and C-suite leaders must take the steps required to bridge the chasm that currently exists between these groups. It starts with both groups letting go of the old-school mindset that IT is the engine room of the company and instead, embracing the notion that IT is the central nervous system of the company and can do more to influence customer engagement than just about any other function in their company.


For the full article, you will need a logon to the Evanta : Leadership Network.

What do you think? How should your company make the change in attitude to IT?



One thought on “Move From IT Leader to BT Leader – Evanta : Leadership Network

  1. Just spotted an associated post from Joe: https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140509032128-876031-4-phrase-you-must-stop-using?_mSplash=1

    Stop Saying…………………………….Say This Instead…

    •IT Service Provider…………………..• Business Technology Capability Provider

    •IT Alignment…………………………•Business and Technology Convergence

    •IT and it’s Customers…………………•Peer Group or Partners

    •IT Service Offerings………………….•Business Technology Capabilities


    Posted by Martin | May 12, 2014, 2:31 pm

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