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Change Requires Less Management, More Leadership — #ChangeManagement

leadership-stylesI was interested to see this recent guest post on the Heller Report calling for less change management and more leadership

                         Change Requires Less Management, More Leadership” by Randy Pennington.



Randy makes the following suggestions:

  1. Change the way you think and talk about change – be careful of the language you use, encourage new ideas and opportunities.
  2. Connect with people where they are – I have long advocated that the best way to reduce resistance is to get people involved, Randy echoes this in his suggestion.
  3. Use resistance as your friend – listen carefully, the reasons for resistance will point you to roadblocks that you need to remove.
  4. Go first – demonstrate through actions and lead from the front!

Read the full article here: Change Requires Less Management, More Leadership by Randy Pennington

“Strong Change Leadership is essential for successful change!”

That statement should not come as a surprise to any of my regular readers (see articles such as The Importance of Change Leadership – Beyond “Step Models of Change” and Importance of Senior Leadership in Effective Change). Having the correct senior leadership driving change is absolutely critical. Without it you will fail to get the organisation moving and your change will fail.

Let’s face it – Change is Hard!

Getting senior leadership behind the change and driving it is a must do first step. However, whilst a leader can set the direction and push hard they cannot dictate exactly what happens, that is down to the people in their organisation.

A quick reminder of some of the key things that Leaders MUST do:

  1. Mobilise the organisation to want to change
  2. Have a clear and inspirational vision
  3. Lead their people to the new reality
  4. Empower their people
  5. Anchor the change into the organisation



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