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Barriers and Ingredients for Successful Change |Meliorate #ChangeManagement


This recent article from Meliorate provides some great statistics on Change success and failure: Managing change has to be a core competence.

Key barriers to successful change

Through their research study, IBM revealed these key barriers to successful change:

Key ingredients for successful change

These key ingredients for successful change, as revealed by the top performers in the study, are:

  • 92% – Top management sponsorship
  • 72% – Employee involvement
  • 70% – Honest and timely communication
  • 65% – Corporate culture that motivates and promotes change
  • 55% – Change agents (pioneers of change)
  • 48% – Change supported by culture
  • 38% – Efficient training programs
  • 36% – Adjustment of performance measures
  • 33% – Efficient organization structure
  • 19% – Monetary and non-monetary incentives


For more on Change Management see my Change Guide


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