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Less Wires, More Data: Harnessing new technology at the network edge

The SmartIndustry conference takes place each year in Chicago during September. I was privileged to be able to share some of our experiences with use of wireless IIoT sensors.

Abstract for my session:

J.D. Irving and RtTech are working in the Industrial IoT space to connect more assets using wireless sensing and industrial edge devices in order to obtain real-time data on critical assets and avoid the high costs of cabling, replacing PLCs and supporting hardware that would normally be required.

RtTech has developed a solution that utilizes meshed wireless IIoT technology to connect remote sensors directly to our existing PI system using an embedded data connector that allows for easy edge deployment and high connectivity.  The embedded data connector allows for collection of data using the IIoT MQTT protocol and output via various protocols including direct connection to OSIsoft’s PI.  This new IIoT connector has several features that make it attractive to connect devices that traditionally would not be connected.

Digital transformation one connection at a time!

Click here for the conference presentation at Smart Industry 2017: Presentation [PDF].

Click here for a video of the presentation at the OSIsoft 2017 User Conference: Video


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