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Digital Fail – when a quick integration is not enough! #Digital #DigitalFail

Digital Fail – a recent bad experience with a delivery from a large courier company, that used another company as their local agent, highlighted a major pitfall of digital integration if you do not think it through properly from the customer perspective.

The story in brief:

  • Package sent to me via major international courier
  • I get notified of status on my phone
  • All looks good
  • Package transferred to local agent
  • Status still looks good
  • Notified of failed delivery attempt
  • As instructed in the text selected my preferred option to collect the package from the terminal
  • Then it starts going wrong
  • Status does not reflect my pickup request
  • Notified of another failed delivery attempt
  • Have to call the local delivery agent, spend ages waiting for them to answer
  • Finally manage to collect my package the following day

On the face of it the major carrier did everything right, they had world class online and mobile tools for the customer, they informed you what was happening, gave you simple options to change how you got the package etc. They had interfaced their systems to the local carrier as well.

However, they had neglected to properly integrate all of the possible scenarios, so my request to pick-up from the terminal, did not flow through to the downstream carrier. The end result: delays to the customer getting their package, customer frustration and wasted time trying to sort out what appeared to be a well handled digital situation. #DigitalFail !

The moral of the story, when you digitise any process, look at it from the customer perspective and make sure you deal with all of the possibilities, as a partially digitised process can be worse then no digitisation at all!



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