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Understanding Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

I was privileged earlier this year to get a sneak peak at Isaac’s new book “Digital Trailblazers”, and to make a very small contribution to it. We sat down again recently to discuss one aspect of being a Digital Trailblazer and how it relates to Manufacturing, particularly Industry 4.0. What is digital transformation in manufacturing … Continue reading

Is COVID-19 driven Digital Transformation having unseen consequences?

In the middle of the pandemic many were proclaiming that COVID-19 has accelerated Digital Transformation more in 6 months then it has moved in the last 5 years. But has this had unexpected side effects? This article explores whether the change from strategic transformation programs to immediate tactical actions is creating a legacy of fragmentation … Continue reading

Digital Transformation (#DX) – What is it? (presentation for ACOA)

I was honored to be asked by ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) to present to all of their frontline workers recently (140+ staff). The core of the presentation centres around two things: Digital is about Business, not about IT – technology underpins and enables, but digital is about far more than that. The Customer is … Continue reading

Being a CIO in a Covid-19 World……

What is it like running IT in this bizarre new World. How has Covid-19 changed things? We all know that our World has been rocked by Covid-19 and a lot has been written about it. Thousands have died, businesses have collapsed, numerous people have lost their jobs, and many of us have been working from … Continue reading

40 Stats On #Digital #Transformation And #Customer Experience | #DX #CX #UX @Forbes

Interesting article from Forbes, I picked out a couple of the key facts for further discussion. The Move to Digital 56% of CEOs said digital improvements have led to revenue growth. *Gartner The link between a digital customer experience, increased internal efficiencies and increased revenue are becoming clear. After all the customer is king / … Continue reading

40,000 Views – that’s amazing!

Who would have thought it that when I started this blog a couple of years back that we would have just topped 40,000 view from nearly 17,000 visitors. That’s nothing short of amazing! Thank you to all my readers, without you it would not have been possible. Our most popular Leadership posts: Are you a … Continue reading

Are you a #Digital #CIO (#CDO), a #ChangeAgent or a Dinosaur?

Are the traditional types of CIO still valid or are we now into the World of Transformational CIOs and CDOs? Is the World changing so quickly that anyone else is a Dinosaur? Historical types of CIO Six years ago I asked the question “What type of CIO are you?” Are you a transformational CIO, a … Continue reading

Check out our sister blog on Industry 4.0 and IIoT

We have just published a new article on “What are Industry 4.0 and IIoT?” Why not check it out.

W.I.I.F.M. – What’s in it for me? #ChangeManagement

How hard can change management be? We do a bit of training they adopt the new processes and everyone’s happy? End of story. We all know it does not work like that. …… This article is a reminder of how difficult change and change management really is ……. It’s all about people!! … The first … Continue reading

Make People Like You at Work | 8 Simple Steps – Tom Catalini

“You can be liked more at work. And while that may sound a little trite, it can be useful. Because if you are liked more, you can get more done. You can become more influential. And you can become more effective.” Tom suggests the following 8 steps: Greet people in some friendly way, every day. … Continue reading

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