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The History and Future of Change Management

Great history of change from Prosci: “Over the past quarter of a century, change management has emerged, evolved and grown from foundational understandings to conceptual underpinnings and on to a recognized discipline.” Click here to read the article.

Why Most Change Efforts Fail and 7 Guidelines to Ensure Your Team Succeeds – Jesse Lyn Stoner

Chances are you will initiate a change that affects your whole team or start a major team project in the near future. And chances are it will not make the impact you had hoped for. A 2008 study by IBM found that over 60 percent of change efforts do not fully meet their objectives, and … Continue reading

6 Rules of Change | #ChangeManagement

Great info graphic on change management that sums up many of the key principles. 6 Rules of Change: “Esther Derby is quite right when she says people don’t resist change, they resist coercion. From our experience, when people understand the compelling reason why for change, feel actively involved, share the vision and are guided by … Continue reading

Why do people Resist Change? | #ChangeManagement

Is your change doomed? Is everyone going to resist it? It’s a common belief that people resist change, however, there are schools of thought that show people enjoy change and embrace variety. What is more important though is how people react and what happens to them during a change. Do they feel like they are part of … Continue reading

3 Guidelines to Avoid Resistance to Change – Jesse Lyn Stoner

Another great article from Jesse Lyn Stoner – 3 Guidelines to Avoid Resistance to Change 1. Involve people throughout the organization in planning and implementing the change. 2. Support the middle. 3. The change method itself must reflect the new desired culture. Jesse Lyn points out that the middle are often “caught in the middle” … Continue reading

7 Things Leaders Do to Help People Change

Getting people to change….”Being nice isn’t enough” says a recent article from HBR. A leader must be doing far more than that: 7 Things Leaders Do to Help People Change. Now I am sure that is not news to any of us….. HBR provide there list of suggestions. . 1. Inspiring others – why should … Continue reading

The Corporate Immune System

Have you heard of the Corporate Immune System? Its heavily related to “Culture: The iceberg that sinks organizational change“. It’s when an organisation pushes back against a change, often to the extent that causes major upheaval and rebellion in a company. A bit like the body’s immune system fighting back against a disease. It happens … Continue reading

Changing change management | McKinsey & Company

“Digital tools and platforms, if correctly applied, offer a powerful new way to accelerate and amplify the ability of an organization to change.” See Changing change management | McKinsey & Company. . The article highlights a number of key aspects that digital can bring to the change management effort, these include: 1. Provide just-in-time feedback – … Continue reading

Culture: The iceberg that sinks organizational change

This is a really great infographic from Torben Rick: “Culture: The iceberg that sinks organizational change”. This infographic describes what really goes on vs what we think happens! The culture of the organisation that exists beneath the surface and dictates how people react and go about things. (Click the graphic to link to Torben’s original … Continue reading

What #ChangeManagement Approach should I choose?

Change Management is critical to successfully delivering the value of your projects and initiatives. Hopefully you are reading this article because you recognise the need for a structured approach to change, that’s a great start! But which approach should you choose? If you have stumbled into this article by accident then here’s a reminder as to … Continue reading

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