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Critical success factors for the transformational #CIO | I-CIO

Martha Heller says “It’s time for CIOs to be the business”, she goes on to say: At many companies today, senior management are confused, frustrated and farther away than ever from the promise of digital. With all of the innovation coming out of places like Silicon Valley, they worry that they’re missing out on some … Continue reading

Social Intelligence: A Hallmark of #CIO Success – Deloitte CIO – #WSJ

. Only 9 percent of CIOs fit their self-described profile of a successful technology leader. To enhance their leadership potential and meet the increasingly complex demands of the role, CIOs need to increase their social intelligence. The gap between the characteristics CIOs identify as necessary for success and those they attribute to themselves was greatest … Continue reading

Executive Presence: The CIO’s ‘It’ Factor | Heller Search

“Executive presence signals to others that you have what it takes and are capable of taking on the tough job of senior leadership in a demanding role.” With executive presence, your chances of arriving at (and staying in) the C-suite as a CIO are enhanced. With presence, you demonstrate to others that you’re the real … Continue reading

Make Transparency a Core Competency |@HellerSearch @CIOMentors

Great article from Joe Topinka on bridging the divide between IT and other business areas. Well worth a read. He urges IT to “reach across the chasm” and not to wait for the other business areas to make the first move. He urges companies to think, act and achieve together. Click the link below or … Continue reading

Corporate ITs Darwinian Challenge – InformationWeek – #IT #CIO

Great article from Information Week on the lack of evolution of the Corporate IT group. Their wise advice is below: 1. Realize that corporate IT no longer has a monopoly over the technology used in the workplace from personal use to SaaS applications and cloud service providers to outsourced services. 2. Understand that they no … Continue reading

Key IT Roles for Driving Business Value | IT Organization Circa 2017

Many IT groups have struggled with how to show they deliver business value. This is an interesting article that takes a slightly different look at this subject and focuses on the key roles that IT needs to play to accomplish this. Key IT Roles for Driving Business Value | IT Organization Circa 2017. The key … Continue reading

The CIO as a Digital Orchestra Conductor? ~ Future of CIO

The CIO as a Digital Orchestra Conductor? ~ Future of CIO. Interesting post from Pearl Zhu who likens the role of the CIO to that of an Orchestra Conductor. . . The conductor is attuned to the needs of the listener In the digital music, IT needs to go beyond just playing the background music … Continue reading

Tips for IT Business Relationship Managers

This was taken from an Information Week article published about 18 months ago, but is a timely reminder of the keys to success when managing relationships with your business counterparts. . . .   Take Care Of The IT Fundamentals. If, after four years, your company’s IT infrastructure is still broken and you can’t keep the … Continue reading

An IT Leaders Guide to Executive Presentations – Heller Report

This great article was posted recently in the Heller Report: An IT Leaders Guide to Executive Presentations. This was written by Tom Catalini, CIO, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and excerpted from his new e-book, “Talking Points: Communication Skills to Advance Your IT Career,” a full version of which can be downloaded for free here. In … Continue reading

10 Lessons for Change Management in IT Programs | Pcubed

I happened across this interesting article from Pcubed recently, which fits nicely with some of my previous recommendations on IT projects. 10 Lessons for Change Management in IT Programs | Pcubed. Lesson 1: Assess the Degree of Change Lesson 2: Choose and Apply Your Change Delivery Model Lesson 3: Be Clear about How Change is … Continue reading

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