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Digital Transformation (#DX) – What is it? (presentation for ACOA)

I was honored to be asked by ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) to present to all of their frontline workers recently (140+ staff). The core of the presentation centres around two things: Digital is about Business, not about IT – technology underpins and enables, but digital is about far more than that. The Customer is … Continue reading

Change Management – What’s in a Name?

Originally posted on Martin Davis' Blog:
Hands-up, which of you has named their project based on the technology being implemented? That simple act may have just sealed the failure of the project. Let me explain why……. by naming the project from the technology, it has just become an IT project (in the literal sense of…

3 Guidelines to Avoid Resistance to Change – Jesse Lyn Stoner

Another great article from Jesse Lyn Stoner – 3 Guidelines to Avoid Resistance to Change 1. Involve people throughout the organization in planning and implementing the change. 2. Support the middle. 3. The change method itself must reflect the new desired culture. Jesse Lyn points out that the middle are often “caught in the middle” … Continue reading

Move From IT Leader to BT Leader – Evanta : Leadership Network

I have just been reading a very good article by Joe Topinka, CIO of Red Wing Show Company Inc. where he makes the argument that we need a different perspective on IT. This is not an IT problem or a C-suite leaders problem. It is a problem for the entire company. Unless you change, your company will … Continue reading

How to Create a Shared Vision That Works – Jesse Lyn Stoner

    . . . . .   . . . . . . . . . . This is a great article from Jesse Lyn Stoner at the Seapoint Centre. I have been a fan of her blog for some time and especially her writings on Vision. This is a practical ‘how to’ type … Continue reading

Mother Goose Management – by Jesse Lyn Stoner

Great article by Jesse Lyn Stoner @ the Seapoint Centre for Collaborative Leadership. A fun way to remind us of some very powerful truths. Mother Goose Management – Jesse Lyn Stoner. Below is a quick summary. Please read the original article (linked above). 1. The lesson of Alice and the Cheshire Cat: If you don’t know … Continue reading

3D Printing Threat or Opportunity? What is your strategy?

I was recently asked to pose the CIO Question of the week at the Enterprise CIO forum and chose to start a debate on 3D Printing. This is a technology that has been around for 20-30 years, but recently it has become a lot cheaper, to the extent that home and industrial machines are now … Continue reading

Are you working on the right things?

Is your IT Organisation wasting time and money on what seem like high priorities, but are not actually moving the business forward? During my years as an IT Leader I have concluded that it is very easy for people to have the right intentions but end up doing the wrong things. This is especially true … Continue reading

Do different Business Stages require different CIO Types?

How does the business stage (start-up, growth, steady state etc) relate to the type of CIO needed? And more importantly does this have a correlation to business success? Following on from my previous article on CIO Types (“What type of CIO are you?“) I wanted to explore how the type of CIO was connected to … Continue reading

Who is IT’s Most Important Customer? What role does this play in Innovation?

Who should IT focus on as it’s customer? The internal customer within a business unit? An external business the company sells to? Or the end consumer of your product or service? Is this a question of governance, focus or requirements? What does this have to do with innovation? The intent of this article is to … Continue reading

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