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Are you a #Digital #CIO (#CDO), a #ChangeAgent or a Dinosaur?

Are the traditional types of CIO still valid or are we now into the World of Transformational CIOs and CDOs? Is the World changing so quickly that anyone else is a Dinosaur? Historical types of CIO Six years ago I asked the question “What type of CIO are you?” Are you a transformational CIO, a … Continue reading

Critical success factors for the transformational #CIO | I-CIO

Martha Heller says “It’s time for CIOs to be the business”, she goes on to say: At many companies today, senior management are confused, frustrated and farther away than ever from the promise of digital. With all of the innovation coming out of places like Silicon Valley, they worry that they’re missing out on some … Continue reading

Social Intelligence: A Hallmark of #CIO Success – Deloitte CIO – #WSJ

. Only 9 percent of CIOs fit their self-described profile of a successful technology leader. To enhance their leadership potential and meet the increasingly complex demands of the role, CIOs need to increase their social intelligence. The gap between the characteristics CIOs identify as necessary for success and those they attribute to themselves was greatest … Continue reading

Key IT Roles for Driving Business Value | IT Organization Circa 2017

Many IT groups have struggled with how to show they deliver business value. This is an interesting article that takes a slightly different look at this subject and focuses on the key roles that IT needs to play to accomplish this. Key IT Roles for Driving Business Value | IT Organization Circa 2017. The key … Continue reading

A Strategy for Making Better IT Investment Decisions – Deloitte CIO – WSJ

I have long advocated the benefits of this type of multi dimensional portfolio management approach to reviewing IT investment decisions. It takes away the differing values embraced by various functional groups and encourages the connection between projects and strategic goals. A Strategy for Making Better IT Investment Decisions – Deloitte CIO – WSJ. However, you need … Continue reading

Webcast on July 3rd: Importance of Senior Leadership in Effective Change

    Thanks to everyone who attended today’s webcast. A copy of the slides can be found here: Hackett_ JDI_ Importance of Senior Leadership in Effective Change_webcast_ July 3 2014_ FINAL ________________________________________________________ I have been asked to host a webcast for Hackett Group on July 3rd, 2014 on how Senior Leadership is critical to effective change … Continue reading

Move From IT Leader to BT Leader – Evanta : Leadership Network

I have just been reading a very good article by Joe Topinka, CIO of Red Wing Show Company Inc. where he makes the argument that we need a different perspective on IT. This is not an IT problem or a C-suite leaders problem. It is a problem for the entire company. Unless you change, your company will … Continue reading

Guidelines for “IT Effectiveness” | Joe Topinka

Interesting article from Joe that argues that one dimensional metrics like IT Effectiveness are no longer relevant. He provides some guidelines to ensure that IT is contributing to the advancement of their organization’s strategic goals and objectives. . They proactively involve IT Business Partners in the strategic planning process. They make sure their IT Business Partners … Continue reading

Four things CIOs need to successfully lead transformational change. | Enterprise CIO Forum

A great post to get CIOs thinking about transformational change. Four things CIOs need to successfully lead transformational change. | Enterprise CIO Forum. Vision, courage, persistence and leadership are all totally key to success, without clear direction and leadership to drive relentlessly towards that end goal you will not succeed. . . . I would also … Continue reading

2014: The Year of Relevance

Very interesting article on the Enterprise CIO Forum by E.G. Hadhan. See below for a quick summary. “New Style of IT will drive enterprises to be relevant in 2014” The market and social dynamics are such that the absence of clearly visible relevance can start a slow but steady erosion of the related entity. The … Continue reading

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