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W.I.I.F.M. – What’s in it for me? #ChangeManagement

This has been a very popular topic in recent discussions, so republishing it as a reminder of how difficult change management really is, and that it’s all about people!! ___________________ How hard can change management be? We do a bit of training they adopt the new processes and everyone’s happy? End of story. We all … Continue reading

#ChangeManagement in a Digital World

Business is changing, everything is becoming digital, even our cars! So what does that mean to Change Management? Is Change going digital as well? Is it becoming easier? Or harder? Or just different? We constantly hear about Digital Business and Digital Transformations. Examples of purely digital companies like Amazon and Google are often quoted, but … Continue reading

Too much #ChangeManagement?

Is there such a thing as too much Change Management? We hear lots of discussions around projects failing due to lack of change management and I have written various articles encouraging the use of structured change programs. But is there such a thing as too much Change Management? Firstly, what do we mean by too much … Continue reading

W.I.I.F.M. – What’s in it for me? #ChangeManagement

How hard can change management be? We do a bit of training they adopt the new processes and everyone’s happy? End of story. We all know it does not work like that. The first question those impacted ask or think to themselves is: “What’s in it for me?”. (“Why should I care about what you want?”) Ignore this … Continue reading

70% of #ChangeManagement initiatives fail – REALLY?

Stumbled across this article the other day and had an online debate with its author, Ron Leeman, an experienced Change Leader. To quote Ron “So now to tackle another much debated change subject … that so-called 70% failure rate. How many times have we seen LinkedIn posts/discussions talking about this subject … ” Ron explores where … Continue reading

The History and Future of Change Management

Great history of change from Prosci: “Over the past quarter of a century, change management has emerged, evolved and grown from foundational understandings to conceptual underpinnings and on to a recognized discipline.” Click here to read the article.

Why do people Resist Change? | #ChangeManagement

Is your change doomed? Is everyone going to resist it? It’s a common belief that people resist change, however, there are schools of thought that show people enjoy change and embrace variety. What is more important though is how people react and what happens to them during a change. Do they feel like they are part of … Continue reading

What #ChangeManagement Approach should I choose?

Change Management is critical to successfully delivering the value of your projects and initiatives. Hopefully you are reading this article because you recognise the need for a structured approach to change, that’s a great start! But which approach should you choose? If you have stumbled into this article by accident then here’s a reminder as to … Continue reading

A Practical Approach to #ChangeManagement (Kotter’s 8-steps and beyond)

Many of my regular readers will have seen various references to John Kotter, Kotter’s 8-steps, and Leading Change across my various articles on Organisational Change Management. Its a very popular step model of change, that is commonly used. However, it does have limitations, one of the key ones is minimal mention of getting ready for change. … Continue reading

The Vicious and Virtuous Circles of Change – #ChangeManagement

Organisational Change Management is a complex, interconnected set of events where people’s actions have a major impact upon success or failure. Common Change approaches like John Kotter’s Leading Change, Prosci’s® ADKAR® model and LaMarsh Global’s Managed Change™ all emphasise the need for strong leadership to achieve successful change. In order to try and understand some … Continue reading

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