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Changing change management | McKinsey & Company

“Digital tools and platforms, if correctly applied, offer a powerful new way to accelerate and amplify the ability of an organization to change.” See┬áChanging change management | McKinsey & Company. . The article highlights a number of key aspects that digital can bring to the change management effort, these include: 1. Provide just-in-time feedback – … Continue reading

Digital Business – the new reality!

We hear an awful lot about the new IT forces for change, often referred to a SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud. We also hear that we are in the “Age of the Customer”, others also refer to the “Age of Context” and we are hearing a lot of hype about the “Internet of Things” … Continue reading

Are you working on the right things?

Is your IT Organisation wasting time and money on what seem like high priorities, but are not actually moving the business forward? During my years as an IT Leader I have concluded that it is very easy for people to have the right intentions but end up doing the wrong things. This is especially true … Continue reading

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