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Why CarMax’s “shock the system” digital strategy is working | #CIO

Interesting article from Martha Heller on CIO.com about how CarMax have gone from a traditional IT department to having a product driven approach and used this to drive their digital transformation. For the full article go here: Why CarMax’s “shock the system” digital strategy is working | CIO CarMax’s CIO provides this advice for CIOs who are … Continue reading

Change Management – What’s in a Name?

Originally posted on Martin Davis' Blog:
Hands-up, which of you has named their project based on the technology being implemented? That simple act may have just sealed the failure of the project. Let me explain why……. by naming the project from the technology, it has just become an IT project (in the literal sense of…

The Internet of Things: Your worst nightmare | Computerworld #IoT

An interesting article that really highlights that the plug and play world we were promised is not yet in place, don’t get me wrong, things have improved massively in the last few years and it is definitely quicker and easier to connect your latest devices, but its not seamless yet. This article highlights a few … Continue reading

Move From IT Leader to BT Leader – Evanta : Leadership Network

I have just been reading a very good article by Joe Topinka, CIO of Red Wing Show Company Inc. where he makes the argument that we need a different perspective on IT. This is not an IT problem or a C-suite leaders problem. It is a problem for the entire company. Unless you change, your company will … Continue reading

3D Printing Threat or Opportunity? What is your strategy?

I was recently asked to pose the CIO Question of the week at the Enterprise CIO forum and chose to start a debate on 3D Printing. This is a technology that has been around for 20-30 years, but recently it has become a lot cheaper, to the extent that home and industrial machines are now … Continue reading

IT Project Success – A CIOs View

Success rates of IT projects are very low, what does it take to be successful? Pearl Zhu in her article “IT project failure: symptoms and reasons” comments that: “In the United States, we spend more than $250 billion each year on IT application development, statistically, 31% of projects will be cancelled before they ever get … Continue reading

Are you working on the right things?

Is your IT Organisation wasting time and money on what seem like high priorities, but are not actually moving the business forward? During my years as an IT Leader I have concluded that it is very easy for people to have the right intentions but end up doing the wrong things. This is especially true … Continue reading

Strong CIO, C-suite Relationships Drive Growth [CIO Dashboard article]

Excellent article by Chris Curran at CIO Dashboard on the results of PwCs recent study of 1,100 business and technology executives. It highlighted that companies with C-suite executives who consistently collaborate with the CIO are much more likely to outperform the competition. Or put another way, in the top performing companies the CIO had strong relationships with ALL members of … Continue reading

The Importance of Change Leadership – Beyond “Step Models of Change”

Why is strong leadership so important to the success of change programs? Why do so many change efforts fail or dwindle without committed leadership? “Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better”. Harry S Truman (1884 – 1972) Pettigrew & Whipp (1991) summarise in their “Receptive Contexts for Change” … Continue reading

Is Consumerisation of IT really Shadow IT? Join the Discussion.

This recent post has generated a fair amount of discussion on the Enterprise CIO Forum where I am a regular participant. The summary below is taken from the Forum’s monthly quick read. Analysis: IT executive Martin Davis’ post “Is “consumerization of IT” really “Shadow IT” in disguise?” generated a robust discussion. His major concerns about unmanaged IT hinge … Continue reading

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